May 14, 2014. Twelve and 14 are two of my lucky numbers, though I believe more in synchronicity than luck, so I’ll consider today a great time to begin my blog. Yeah! Please tag along with me for a fun-filled learning escapade about writing and art and other adventures. Still, how lucky I am.

What I Love to Write:

Most often, I write personal narratives, poetry, historical fiction and Southern Gothic. Editing is an ingrained love. Historical fiction and the research necessary to create an exciting story sweep me into times I begin to live in, and in doing so I reveal action, setting and human passions I feel. I know the eras so well I believe I sometimes channel the pages I write. The Southern Gothic is dark and playful and gives me more leeway for creativity–ghosts, living energy of beings on the other side of the veil, murder, mystery and passionate love. For me this genre is freeing and is consequently, often more organic.

How Does My Work Differ From Others of my Genres:

Making the setting come alive and take on human characteristics is a subtle technique I love to incorporate into my writing. Readers experience the rich settings with five sensing and take with them lingering memories.

What I’m Working on Right Now:

My critiquing/editing partner Nancy and I are working on manuscripts in all stages of completion. She’s a joy to work with. I love her wisdom and trust her judgement. We make a good team.

What’s my Writing Process?:

I have no one approach to writing. Sometimes I begin by creating histories of every character, down to their tastes in clothes, foods, colors, when and where they first made love, their greatest fears, hopes, dashed dreams, and on and on. Then, I may have hundreds of note cards of their favorite sayings, their diction and speech patterns. I may outline the novel, and then change my mind along the way. I may know the beginning, the end and bits and pieces of the middle. Usually, I write a first draft of a few chapters, edit and rewrite. I have the hardest time moving on through without over editing. It’s the teacher in me. That’s my excuse, anyway, and a hard habit to break. I’ve learned the best thing I can do is write and let it lie until it’s really cold before I do a rewrite, but I have this insatiable desire to get back to it right away.

A Note About my Painting:

I don’t know which passion came first. It might have been art. I remember reading, painting and writing in that order. The three live together in my heart. They work together, side by side all the time. When I began this blog, I decided to share writing and art together. In time I have other projects to add to the discussions.

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