On Writing:

Today’s edit is to remove as many dialogue tags as possible from a manuscript. I’m to chapter 43 of 51. It’s all a learning curve. I work with about 20 pages at a time, and then go on to edit other manuscripts. I love to keep it mixed up.


On Painting:

On May 13, I put the finishing touches on an acrylic painting of a basket of snowballs and roses from my garden.Spring’s Joyous Bounty represents my first attempt at  whimsical expression. I loved the new, though subtle, approach. Using my cell phone, I take all the photos you see on this blog.  Type in Joan Holcomb Art on the Etsy website, and you will see professional photography of the paintings. Various types and sizes  of reproductions are offered at greatly reduced prices for the test market period–everything from prints to stretched canvasses. Only five pieces are being offered for sale now. Please visit the website and take a look. I’m taking Spring’s Joyous Bounty to be photographed today. The company doing the reproduction photography uses mirrors in the process so that the edges of the canvasses are also copied for later reproduction of the pieces on stretchers. My Kolors in Winston-Salem does the final reproductions of my paintings sold on Etsy and on future sites. My Kolors has a terrific reputation for quality work. If you see a painting here that you might want, let me know, and I will see that My Kolors knows  you want a painting not yet up for sale.


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