I guess I owe everyone an apology for neglecting my blog space, but I’ve been spending long hours helping my writing partner get her first novel to press. Nancy Sartor’s romance novel, BONES ALONG THE HILL, will be out in e-book format in November. It’s been a joy assisting Nancy get her manuscript to market. I’m excited for her. Additionally, we’ve been in the process of cleaning up other manuscripts. We both have similar interests in writing and can bounce ideas off each other so easily. We’ve gone through CHATTEL, my historical romance set in the early 1800s, and two other of our romance novels, both paranormal, mine Southern gothic.

I say Nancy sees the forest; I see the trees. Hand in glove. We’re terrific partners and dedicated to improving each other’s work. For a few days now (Nancy’s on vacation), I have felt comfortably in a lull. In that down time, I’m restructuring another novel that has a fatal flaw. The novel is historical fiction with a romance twist. The story is true and riviting, but it involves incest, though neither character knows. One never learns the truth of it. Nonetheless, I believe the literary effort will be better served if I write out the incest. I think I’ve found a way.

And by the way, I’ve taken an afternoon or two to paint a couple of canvasses. I can’t help myself.

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