Acrylic Artist David Kessler Creates Compositions of High Energy and Bold Color

When I first saw David Kessler’s art exhibited at the Yadkin Arts Council in Yadkinville, N.C., in late March 2015, his passion for color and movement intrigued me. The energy keeps the observer’s eye moving, delighted with David’s bold design and, in this particular collection of pieces, his use of black as an integral element of each painting. He says the collection evolved into a theme based around black.

Some of David’s pieces in unflinching yellows and oranges reminded me of a brilliant mountainside in a fall burst of color when the leaves turn their richest. In one piece color framed by what I perceived to be limbs already bare and ready for winter’s cold reached out in sharply delineated contrasts. The limbs became a window to view lush richness of turning leaves. In other pieces David had used more feminine combinations of color—lavender, pink, green, blue and yellow in subtle hues from the lightest pools of color to the darkest.

David spent his career as an architect as he developed his love of art, but he doesn’t want his paintings to look like an architect’s work. It doesn’t, either. Energetic strokes, bold movement—far from apparent structure–give it what artists call composition. He plays with both opaque and transparent colors, making decisions about placement as he works–how much and where—and later where to leave black and to make sure he has just-right focal points.

David pointed out one piece he liked in particular, Conversations 4. He said it was, “a balance of shape, color, texture and vibrant color. David has a website where he can be reached:


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