Mercury retrograde began in late September and ends early October–a concept that lends itself to doubt. Yet, Mercury retrograde, a time when Mercury appears to be moving backward when it is not, puts us abuzz while coping with all kinds of technical malfunctions. I very possibly could have been affected much by this phenomenon yesterday. It just wasn’t my day; rather it was a frustrating day in many ways with a parallel gloomy day in Piedmont North Carolina.

When Mercury appears to be floating backward, one is told to be reflective, perhaps work on or complete projects begun in the past, but not to initiate new contracts or plans. If we must, we should be most thorough in researching and preparing for anything we do, keeping in mind we might well face future unexpected changes related to those decisions.

That said, I guess the weeks of Mercury retrograde are a perfect time to recuperate from sickness or other setbacks or losses. We have time to think, reconsider, mull.

My mother passed away last week after a long period of illness. I will spend time reflecting on my loss, my relationship with friends and family, and on ways I can help hold our families together after our mother’s death. During this time I will consider ways of making our lives happy and complete while we remain on this earth.

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