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Innovative Writer and Artist
Joan is a charter member of Winston-Salem Writers in N.C., a member of South Carolina Writers Workshop, Historical Writers of America, Romance Writers of America, as well as historical associations and participates in state writing conferences, including those in N.C., S.C., and Georgia. She has won accolades at the South Carolina Writers Conference for “Best First Chapter” for Hunt House Murder and first place in "Poetry" for a short narrative poem, “Tobacco Settin’.” Chattel, historical fiction, also won accolades in “Best First Chapter” category at the South Carolina Writers Workshop. State Magazine, Down Home in North Carolina published one of her narratives.
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Address:2945 Nesting Goose Road, Yadkinville, NC 27055
Home Telephone:336.463.2242
Cellphone Number:336.466.2969
Email: joanholcomb@yadtel.net

Did You Know?

Joan Reavis Holcomb writes historical fiction and Southern gothic, as well as personal narratives, poetry and nonfiction. She also finds painting in brilliant acrylic colors on large canvasses a freeing experience. Her art ranges from realism to abstractionism and incorporates nature and the celestial. She sometimes channels creations and to her surprise discovers divine beings in some finished pieces. Gaia’s Spirit, Angelic Guardian in a Parisian Veil of Flowers, and A Warm Summer Day with Micah are examples of channeled art in which celestial entities have appeared. Joan is also a ™Reconnection magnetic energy healer and studies quantum physics, entanglement, and related subjects.

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